Water purification system

  • Smart2Pure 3 , 6 and Smart2Pure 12

    This is the password for converting normal tap water to ultrapure water of ASTM Types I and II.
    All in one! Smart2Pure is a compact complete system that produces 3 or 6 litres of ultrapure
    water per hour, Smart2Pure 12 produces 12 litres per hour. The built-in 6 litre tank of Smart2Pure for ultrapure water has a conical bottom for complete emptying. Smart2Pure 12 is delivered with an external tank of 30 or 60 litres, either with conical bottom.
    All tanks are equipped with a sterile vent filter. The Smart2Pure system includes a pressure pump for supplying equipment connected downstream (e.g. autoclaves analyzers). If required, a flexible dispenser with a sterile filter can be connected to the tank. The system has a small footprint, is very attractively designed and looks good in laboratory.

  • LabTower EDI

    Two in One!
    Pure and Ultrapure water.

    High purity water quality 15 – 10 MΩ×cm.

    The complete system in midi-format.

    For daily needs of 100 to 500 litres.

    For example, for

    Rinsing lab glassware
    Supplying autoclaves, clinical analysers
    and ultrapure water systems
    Preparing and diluting buffers reagents
    tissue culture media
    Sample preparation for analytical methods
    General biotechnology applications

  • Economical ready-to-connect Thermo Scientific Reverse Osmosis Economy system is assembled on a plastic plate for wall mounting. Designed to produce laboratory grade high quality water from tap water

  • Barnstead* E-Pure* Ultrapure* Water Purification Systems
    Thermo Scientific* Barnstead E-Pure economically produces ultrapure Type 1 water with low operating costs.
    Ideal for AA, GS, buffer preps, or as a purified feedwater source for analytical instruments or labware washers.

    Produce Type 1 ultrapure water with low operating costs using Thermo Scientific™ Barnstead™ E-Pure™ Ultrapure Water Purification Systems. Choose from a three- or four-module system. Gain longer cartridge life and benefit from lower operating costs with large cartridges. This system is Ideal for AA, GS, buffer preps, or as a purified feed water source for analytical instruments or labware washers. It is simple to use and easy to maintain.

  • Barnstead* MegaPure* Glass Stills
    Thermo Scientific* Barnstead Mega-Pure Glass Stills effectively remove inorganic solids, organics with boiling points higher than water, bacteria, and pyrogens.
    Choose from five production capacities.


    Contact with only glass, quartz and PTFE components ensures ultimate purity and eliminates cross-contamination.
    Vertical condenser design provides maximum purity.
    High temperature cutoff shuts down the still if the temperature is too high, preventing heating element burnout.
    Quick-release cover provides easy cleaning access.
    Connection to optional Automatic Connection System (ACS) assures a 24-hour automatic system.

  • Barnstead* MicroPure UV
    Thermo Scientific* Barnstead MicroPure systems are ideal for scientists who need up to 15L/day of ultrapure water.

    Four application-specific models meet most critical analytical, biological or life science needs

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