Sample collection Tube


As a leading manufacturer of cryovials we know that functionality and quality are properties of the highest importance in a product for professional use. We always take properties in consideration when designing new products for our product range.

It is important to us that our customer have the best experience when using our products.

The development and final design of MAXXLINE Cryovials are based on many years of experience from working with and selling to leading laboratory technicians all over the world.

We work exclusively with the best materials and product designs that optimize the manufacturing. The material usage and the power consumption are kept to a minimum. Our products are produced of raw materials compliant to applicable regulations and standards, and are free of any substances considered dangerous for the environment.


  • MAXXLINE Cryovials are featured with a single-hand quick seal closure.
  • The super fast thread design allows tightening or removal with only half a turn, thus avoiding long-term injuries to the user.


  • The StraightLine design with its tight closing eliminates contamination.

Optimize your storage

  • The StraightLine design of the MAXXLINE Cryovials gives you approximately 23% additional storage capacity compared to conventional cryo solutions.
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