Safe Nucleic acid Dyes

Three makes a happy family
The core Midori Green molecule has been formulated into three different stains optimized for your lab’s needs. First, there is Midori Green Advance – which offers an excellent signal-to-noise ratio and good sensitivity for even short nucleic fragments. Midori Green Advance is added into the agarose gel prior to running samples (much like ethidium bromide) and provides sensitivity of detection on par with EtBr when visualized with blue LEDs, or Nippon Genetics’ novel blue/green LED technology. The second dye, Midori Green Direct, is designed to simply mix with your sample and load onto a stain-free gel. Midori Green Direct has the loading dye included and detects nucleic acid fragments to a similar, if not slightly better, level as Midori Green Advanced. The newest member of the family is Midori Green Xtra. Like “Advance”, Midori Green Xtra is added to the gel and buffer. It’s chemical structure is optimized for Blue/Green and Blue LED light, leading to unbeatable fluorescence signals of DNA and RNA in agarose gels. All three dyes are compatible with UV-light, but are slightly less efficient when using UV rather than the non-damaging visible excitation light of Blue and Blue/Green LEDs. Most important for labs, Midori Green Xtra does not stain the agarose gel, leading to an excellent signal-to-noise ratio, making the detection of even the minutest quantities of DNA or RNA possible ( and certainly better than EtBr).

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