Pipette Tips

Pipette tips with low adhesion are injection moulded scientifically

to minimize liquid retention and ensure optimal sample yielded.

The centrifuge tubes are autoclavable and ideal for sensitive clinical

assays,quantitative analysis, quality controland any other applications

where optimal yield and minimum sample loss is required.

10ul Pipette Tips
200ul Pipette Tips
1000ul Pipette Tips
10ul Pipette Tips Racked
200ul Pipette Tips Racked
1000ul Universal Pipette Tips Racked
                            Ordering Information
Item No. Description Color Packing
TIP-10-C 10ul Pipet Tips Clear 1000 ea/pk, 20 pk/cs
TS-10-R 10ul Pipet Tips, Racked Clear 10racks/pk, 5pk/cs
TS-10CE-R 10ul Pipet Tips ( extra long ) , Racked Clear 10racks/pk, 5pk/cs
TS-10CE-RS 10ul Pipet Tips ( extra long ) , Racked , Pre-Sterilized Clear 10racks/pk, 5pk/cs
TS-10-RS 10ul Pipet Tips, Racked, Pre-Sterilized Clear 10racks/pk, 5pk/cs
TS-10-5R 10ul Pipet Tips, 5racks/stack ,10stacks/case Clear 50 rack/cs
TS-10-5RS 10ul Pipet Tips, 5racks/stack,10stacks/case,Pre-Sterilzed Clear 50 rack/cs
TIP-210-C Universal 200ul Pipet tips Clear 1000 ea/pk,20 pk/cs
TS-210-C-R Universal 200ul Pipet Tips, Racked Clear 10racks/pk, 5pk/cs
TS-210-C-RS Universal 200ul Pipet Tips, Racked, Pre-Steilized Clear 10racks/pk, 5pk/cs
TS-210-C-5R Universal 200ul Pipet Tips, 5racks/stack,10stacks/case Clear 50 rack/cs
TS-210-C-5RS Universal 200ul Pipet Tips,5racks/stack,10stacks/case,Pre-Sterilized Clear 50 rack/cs
TIP-210-Y Universal 200ul Pipet Tips, yellow Yellow 1000 ea/pk,20 pk/cs
TS-210-Y-R Universal 200ul Pipet Tips , Racked , yellow Yellow 10racks/pk, 5pk/cs
TS-210-Y-RS Universal 200ul Pipet Tips, Racked ,Pre-Sterilized (yellow) Yellow 10racks/pk, 5pk/cs
TS-210-Y-5R Universal 200ul Pipet Tips,5racks/stack,10stacks/case(Yellow) Yellow 50 rack/cs
TS-210-Y-5RS Universal 200ul Pipet Tips,5racks/stack,10stacks/case,Pre-Sterilized , yellow Yellow 50 rack/cs
TIP-1100-B 1000ul Pipet Tips, Blue Blue 1000 ea/pk,5 pk/cs
TS-1100-B-R 1000ul Pipet Tips, Racked , Blue Blue 10racks/pk, 5pk/cs
TS-1100-B-RS 1000ul Pipet Tips, Racked, Pre-Sterilized, Blue Blue 10racks/pk, 5pk/cs
TIP-1100-C 1000ul Pipet Tips, Clear Clear 1000 ea/pk,5 pk/cs
TS-1100-C-R 1000ul Pipet Tips, Racked , Clear Clear 10racks/pk, 5pk/cs
TS-1100-C-RS 1000ul Pipet Tips, Racked, Pre-Sterilized Clear 10racks/pk, 5pk/cs
TIP-250-C 250UL TIPS Clear 1000pcs/pk,20pks/cs
TIP-1500-C 1200UL TIPS Clear 1000pcs/pk, 5pks/cs
TIP-10-CE 10UL TIPS , extra-long Clear 1000pcs/pk,20pks/cs
TIP-5000C 5ML TIP Clear 100EA/PK
TS-10-C-FS 10ul Filter Tips with Rack, Pre-Sterilized Clear 10racks/pk, 5pk/cs
TS-10CE-FS 10ul Extended Filter Tips with Rack , Pre-Sterilized Clear 10racks/pk, 5pk/cs
TS-20-C-FS 20ul Filter Tips with Rack, Pre-Sterilized Clear 10racks/pk, 5pk/cs
TS-50-C-FS 50ul Filter Tips with Rack, Pre-Sterilized Clear 10racks/pk, 5pk/cs
TS-100-C-FS 100ul Filter Tips with Rack , Pre-Sterilized Clear 10racks/pk, 5pk/cs
TS-250-C-FS 200ul Filter Tips with Rack , Pre-Sterilized Clear 10racks/pk, 5pk/cs
TS-1500-C-FS 1000ul Filter Tips with Rack , Pre-Sterilized Clear 10racks/pk, 5pk/cs

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