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Whether you are looking for for single instrument loading, automated incubation, or integration services, choose from a wide variety of temperature-specific incubation solutions for microplates, cell growth, and screening assays.

Experience remarkable speed, precise motion, and consistent, accurate plate placement with our automated microplate movers. We offer highly flexible, efficient, and safe microtitre plate handling automation for many applications.


Meet your evolving drug discovery needs with our lab automation software. Thermo Scientific Momentum software offers standardized, real-time data-driven decision making to help eliminate customized data handling.

Configure innovative and flexible automations online with our lab automation configurators. Create layouts, receive estimates, and share system designs with colleagues. 


Choose from a wide variety of accessories—including mounting platforms, microplate carousels, microplate delidders, and more—for all your lab automation needs.

Automate demanding research projects in laboratories requiring flexibility, efficient use of space, and seamless integration of lab peripherals with our lab robotics products.


Automate high-content analysis workflows with our array of sample preparation and purification systems for genomics, proteomics, and other high-throughput applications.

Easy-to-use microplate readers, dispensers, washers and incubators help you get reproducible results from your microplate-based assays.


Our automated liquid handling instruments reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks, are ideal for medium- or high-throughput applications, and meet channel, microplate, and volume requirements.

Our bead-based magnetic particle processors for DNA/RNA extraction and our large-scale plasmid purification systems are suitable for laboratories performing automated nucleic acid purification.


We have the broadest range of products for analytical/clinical workflows, including barcode readers and reliable, high quality plasticware for sample collection, transport, and storage.

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