Blood RNA Tube

Blood RNA Tubes


Whole blood is a kind of human specimen, which is easy to be obtained,especially suitable for the laboratorial and clinical detection. But the structure of RNA is a single-stranded, it is extremely unstable.The widely distributed RNase plays a function of degrading RNA, its activity is difficult to be inhibited. Therefore, it is relatively difficult to extract and preserve RNA from whole blood .

The blood RNA storage tube can be used for storage and transport of blood.Intracellular RNA can be stabilized for about 3 days at 18~25℃ or about 14 days at 4 ℃, or about 1year at -20℃, or about 50 months at -80℃. The RNA purified from the tube is suitable for RT-PCR, transcription analysis and other molecular biology experiment and detection. The yield of the RNA is about 8 ug for 1 mL fresh whole blood .


The Blood RNA storage tube is preloaded with a unique preservation solution, containing proprietary RNA stabilizer can rapidly inactivated RNase, thus inhibiting the degradation of RNA.

The blood collected by the blood collection tube can match many kinds of downstream RNA extraction methods, such as precipitation, centrifugal column, automated extraction and so on.

Intracellular RNA can be stabilized for about 3 days at 18~25℃ or about 14 days at 4 ℃, or about 1year at -20℃, or about 50 months at -80℃.

Usage method

Using the standard venipuncture technique to collect blood to the anticoagulated vacuum blood collection tube.

Connecting the collection tube and the blood RNA storage tube, and the negative pressure in the storage tube can automatically transfer 2.5 ml of blood to the blood RNA storage tube.

Immediately after blood collection,invert the tube 15~30times,or vortex mixe for about 30 seconds.

Place at room temperature (18-25 ℃) for 10min, and then store at the appropriate temperature . 18-25 ℃ can be be stable for 3 days, 4 ℃ environment for about 14 days, -20 ℃ for about 1 year, and -80 ℃ stable for about 50 months.


1.Store in dark,at 4℃.

2.Ensure thoroughly mix blood and solution;

3.The liquid in the storage tube is irritating to the human body. Do not use directly for blood collection.

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