uL UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

ND5000, offers rapid measurement to absorbance spectra of various chemical and biochemical compounds up to micro samples between 0.5-2ul in 4 seconds. meanwhile, data collection can be fulfilled through USB interface to plug directly into computer.

1 Sample Volume Requirement 1-2ul
2 Optical Path: 0.5 mm
3 Wavelenth Coverage: 200-850 nm
4 Wavelength Reproducibility: +/- 0.5 nm
5 Measurement Cycle; 4s(singal wavelength), 9s(double wavelength)
6 Light Source: Xenon flash lamp
7 Detector: 3864 CCD
8 Preheating Time: 4S
9 Software Operation Platform: Windows XP(32bit), Windows 7(32bit)
10 Data Output Mode: USB
11 Wavelength Accuracy 1 nm
12 Wavelength Resolution: 3 nm(FWHM at Hg 546nm)
13 Absorbance Precision: 0.003 Abs
14 Absorbance Acuracy: 1%(0.76 absorbance at 350 nm)
15 Absorbance Range: 0.02-75(equivalent to 10 mm)
16 Material: Silica Fiber and Stainless steel

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