Bioteke Corporation is a provider of molecular diagnostics instrument & related reagents. built at 2005, headquarter loated in Beijing, and factory in Wuxi city.

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    Blood RNA Tubes Introduction Whole blood is a kind of human specimen, which is easy to be obtained,especially suitable for the laboratorial and clinical detection. But the structu...

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    Bioteke Cell-free DNA Storage Tube contains unique cell preservative is for blood collection storage and transportation of blood sample for Research use only

  • ND5000.png
    ND5000, offers rapid measurement to absorbance spectra of various chemical and biochemical compounds up to micro samples between 0.5-2ul in 4 seconds. meanwhile, data collection ca...

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    Bioteke Corporation’s fully automated nucleic acid extraction instrument, as model AU1001-96, is designed for high throughput automatic isolation & purification of nuclei...
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