Agarose gel electrophoresis system

  • Electrophoresis tank is directly connected to the included smart power supply
  • Very compact design delivered with multiple accessories.
  • Heat resistant material
  • Timer function for an automatic stop of your electrophoresis
  • Stable electrical field guaranties straight lanes
  • Gel casting set included
  • Safety interlock System
  • Multichannel pipette compatible

FastGene Electrophoresis Unit

Our new and innovative FastGene® protein electrophoresis chamber was developed for the use of pre cast protein gels (10 x 8 cm). The ease of use as well as the robustness of this chamber allows reproducible separation of proteins in a minimum of time.

The FastGene® protein chamber, manufactured in Japan, is made of crystal clear and ultrapure polymeric material and facilitates the loading of protein samples. Furthermore it is quite easy to monitor the electrophoresis especially if you can use pre stained protein markers.

Two gels can be loaded at the same time. An innovative wedge system guarantees an “easy to build in” procedure of the cassette. By using this system we can demonstrate that no leakage problems will occur.

During the electrophoresis both cassettes are surrounded by running buffer in order to guarantee a perfect cooling. Therefore the buffer reservoir is quite small compared to other chambers which will lead to cost saving of running buffer, especially if components like MOPS or MES are preferred. Furthermore the efficient cooling is responsible for a high resolution and sharp protein bands during your electrophoresis experiment.

The chamber is manufactured under CE guidelines and CE labeled.

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