Autoimmune Discovery Consortium Panel

New discovery tool to better understand the links between known disease associated mutations and gene expression, which allows researchers to identify new gene functions and to look at gene expression in response to treatment. This panel consists of 770 genes that cover known disease associated gene mutations for nine of the top autoimmune diseases in addition to a selection of genes with known function in human immune response.  


  • Discovery of disease-associated mutation gene function and biomarker characterization
  • Comprehensive gene collection representing variants across nine of the top autoimmune diseases
  • Gene expression profiling of immune response together with gene mutations
  • Customizable with panel-plus option – add up to 30 user-defined genes
  • nCounter workflow is simple, user-friendly, and efficient with just 15 minutes total hands-on time

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Disease specific annotations for nine autoimmune disease types and human immune response genes were assigned across all genes in the autoimmune discovery panel allowing for the identification of gene functions and signatures for all autoimmune diseases.

Disease Type Association Description Genes
Multiple Sclerosis Demyelinating disease of the nervous system 104
Rheumatoid Arthritis Chronic inflammatory disorder of joints 95
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Inflammation and damage to various body tissues 55
Type 1 Diabetes Disease that causes damage to beta cells in the pancreas 44
Ankylosing Spondylitis Chronic inflammatory disorder of the spine 43
Celiac Disease Immune response to gluten that damages small intestine 249
Ulcerative Colitis Disease causing inflammation and ulcers in large intestine 200
Inflammatory Bowel Disease Inflammation of the digestive tract > 249
Polyglandular Syndrome Deficiency in function of multiple endocrine glands 49
Other Immune Response Human immune response genes 237

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