SPT Labtech

Designed for discovery: Providing agility, efficiency and productivity for a broad range of life science applications

Our major product portfolio includes

  • Liquid handling solutions
    • Our liquid handlers provide you with precise and repeatable nanolitre pipetting for Protein Crystalization and Genomics applications
  • Sample management solutions
    • Our portfolio consists of a range of innovative products and peripherals designed to store, transport and process your samples.
  • Detection Instrument solutions
    • Our versatile cytometers and reagents are compatible with a wide range of multiplexed cell-based, and immunoassay screening applications


  • arktic-hotspot2.png
    arktic® A flexible and affordable -20°C or -80°C automated sample store Efficient management of 2D barcoded samples, with easy access and stable temperatures to give you unrivaled ...

  • compound-hotspot.png
    comPOUND® Scalable, modular and future proof compound management at -20°C, +4°C and ambient comPOUND provides rapid access storage for 2D barcoded tubes which is scalab...

  • Mosquito XTal3.png
    mosquito®Xtal3 Protein crystallization without compromise An evolution of the renowned mosquito crystal - combining the same speed, accuracy and performance in crystallization drop...

  • mirrorball_hotspot.png
    mirrorball®fluorescence cytometer No-wash, multiplex immunoassays We’ve re-engineered cytometry to revolutionise immunoassay workflows, delivering data-driven decisions faster, wit...
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