PanCancer Pathway Panel

nCounter PanCancer Pathways Panel

770 Essential Genes Representing 13 Canonical Pathways

  • 606 Pathway Genes:
    Notch, Wnt, Hedgehog, TGFB, MAPK, STAT, P13K, RAS, Chromatin Modification, Transcriptional Regulation, DNA Damage Control, Cell Cycle, Apoptosis
  • 124 cancer driver genes
  • 40 reference genes
  • Customize with Panel-Plus option flexibility to include 30 genes of your choice

A Multiplexed Gene Expression Approach To Profiling Cancer Immunology

The nCounter PanCancer Immune Profiling Panel is a novel new gene expression panel that enables researchers to develop profiles of the human immune response in all cancer types. In collaboration with cancer immunologists around the globe, our new 770 gene panel combines markers for 24 different immune cell types and populations, 30 common cancer antigens and genes that represent all categories of immune response including key checkpoint blockade genes.

  • 109 genes to cell surface markers for 24 different immune cell types and populations
  • 30 genes for commonly studied CT Antigens
  • Over 500 genes for measuring immune response
  • 40 Reference Genes (including 30 overlapping controls with the PanCancer Pathways Panel)
  • Customize with the addtion of up to 30 genes

NanoString’s Vantage panels for Lung and Leukemia gene fusion detection

enable a highly multiplexed assay capable of simultaneously characterizing key fusion events and selected reference genes in a single tube. Combined with direct digital counting of the nCounter® system and our patented Junction Sequence probe design, the detection of fusion genes is highly sensitive, quantitative, and easy.

nCounter® Vantage 3D™ Solid Tumor Assays

Profile mutational status and quantify protein and gene expression in one experiment with nCounter® Vantage 3D™ DNA, RNA, and Protein Solid Tumor panels. Our protein panels are designed to complement our 770-plex pathway-focused mRNA panel for in-depth characterization of up to 800 total targets. 

The DNA SNV Solid Tumor Panel is designed with content matched to the Solid Tumor RNA:Protein Assays and enable detection of SNV in 25 key solid tumor driver genes. Together, the nCounter Vantage 3D Solid Tumor assay allows you to profile both genotype and phenotype from your precious samples and see more biology.

DNA SNV Solid Tumor Panel 
Monitor 104 actionable and high-frequency SNV and INDELS in FFPE, fresh/frozen tissues, and cells. When combined with our nCounter Vantage 3D RNA:Protein Assays, you can analyze and validate DNA mutations and gene and protein expression changes in your precious samples to uncover the novel solid tumor biology.

RNA:Protein Solid Tumor Assay for Lysate 
Profile key cancer pathway targets at both the RNA, total protein, and phospho-protein level, including targets associated with PI3K, MAPK, EGFR, and more in your solid tumor tissue and cell lysates.

RNA:Protein Solid Tumor Assay for FFPE 
Our first FFPE-compatible protein panel profiles many of the same key signaling pathways at the RNA, protein, and phospho-protein level as the lysate panel above with a modified protocol for your FFPE tissue.

DNA:Fusion Lung Assay 
Combined DNA:RNA analysis brings together matched SNV and Fusion content designed with the lung researcher in mind. Simultaneous analysis ensures none of your precious samples go to waste and you collect the data you need. 

Note: All of the above panels can also be run in single analyte experiments and can be mixed and matched with other nCounter Vantage 3D Portfolio products.

Advantages of the Solid Tumor Assays include:

  • More data from your precious samples: Simultaneous analysis of DNA, RNA, and protein enables you to see more from a single sample using as few as 5 ng DNA, 25 ng RNA, and 250 ng protein or 2 FFPE slides.
  • Simple integrated workflow and holistic data output: Integrated measurements simplify your research and eliminate the challenge of comparing data from different technologies with different outputs.
  • Compatible with your samples: Our protocols enable you to run tissue and cell lysates in addition to FFPE with all analytes.
  • Easy data management: No bioinformatician required, our Advanced Analysis software includes statistical tests and produces publication-quality figures with multi-analyte data.
  • Flexible design: nCounter Vantage 3D panels can be mixed and matched to meet your research goals and panel content can be customized to include your targets of interest.



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