Azure 500 Gel Imaging System

Azure 500

Infrared Western Blot Imaging System

With the Azure 500, you have excellent imaging options.

Two-channel NIR fluorescent detection enables multiplex Western blotting for more efficient experiments. Image and quantify two different proteins without needing to strip and re-probe your blot.

Highly sensitive chemiluminescent detection delivers film-levels of performance without the time-consuming hassles and inconveniences of the darkroom.

And, as with all cSeries systems, the Azure 500 is intuitive and easy to use. Simply place your sample in the system and capture an image once with the click of a button—no need to expose your blot to film multiple times to get the best image.

Want to detect three proteins at once? The Azure 500 can be upgraded in the field by adding 3-channel visible fluorescence for Cy2/Cy3/Cy5 multi-protein detection capability.


Product Features

  • Two-channel IR direct detection—laser diodes at 660nm and 785nm enable better sensitivity than LEDs or white light sources
  • Fast chemiluminescent detection without film. Place your sample in the tray and capture your image with a click of a button
  • Upgradeable with 3-channel visible fluorescent detection – the Azure 500 can be field upgraded to the 600 to image three proteins at once with Cy2/Cy3/Cy5 or similar dyes
  • Capture all your gel and blot images on a single instrument. DNA, protein, colorimetric or photometric
  • 4.8 OD Dynamic Range

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