Kapa Biosystems - Next Gen PCR Reagent


Learn how Kapa Biosystems uses directed evolution to
evolve better PCR Reagent

A method of protein engineering that simulates natural selection in the lab.

The process starts with a gene coding for a “wild-type”, or unmodified, enzyme of interest. Random variation is introduced into the gene through mutagenesis, creating a library of millions of genes each coding for a unique enzyme variant.  A selection pressure is then applied to the library, and only the genes that coded for the most fit enzymes “survive”. This process of random mutation and selection is repeated until the desired enzyme function evolves.

We are constantly evolving better science by applying the latest advances in genomics and synthetic biology to help reduce costs, simplify workflows and improve results. Our core protein engineering technologies enable us to tailor enzymes to suit specific applications in next-generation DNA and RNA sequencing, DNA amplification and molecular diagnostics. Biomedical research is no longer limited by the constraints of native enzyme structure or function.

Since 2006, we have pioneered the use of directed evolution to develop a suite of high-performance reagents for a range of life science applications. Our products are used by thousands of scientists around the world and cited in more than 2,000 peer-reviewed publications. In the future, we will continue to evolve and provide more innovative solutions that accelerate genomics research and help further improve our ability to diagnose, monitor and treat cancer and complex inherited and infectious diseases.

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